Terry McManus

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This page shows images starting with the original pencil drawings that I

created whilst in Belize, working on artwork for Jaguar Cars Ltd as research for a limited edition print I was working on for the World Land Trust which buys and protects land and has done much for the plight of the Jaguar and many more beautiful animals, and their habitats. It was my stay in Belize and trips to the amazing Belize zoo that inspired me to want to write and illustrate children’s picture books.


I carried around a little red book and each night just before

it started to get dark which in Belize is very early I jotted

down idea’s and very rough scribbled sketches which

gradually helped me to stop thinking about my wife and

children who I was already missing, even after a few days, it

also stopped me thinking about the little unwanted guests

like scorpions, very large spiders, rats.. The list goes on and

on of unwanted sleeping companions who would no doubt

be joining me later that night. After two weeks I had the

bare bones to my first story “Under the stars with Leo-pard”

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