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After I arrived back in England I had to spend some time working on the reason I went in the first place which was to produce a painting of a Jaguar ‘Ballam’ to be reproduced as a limited edition print with all proceeds to be donated my by myself and Jaguar Cars Ltd to the World Land Trust’ Belize project. Ironically that print has now become the cover for the second book in the trilogy)

All that done and dusted,  I got stuck into phase two, making the rough story board for “Under the stars with leo-pard” which helped me to work on the flow, pace and layout of the story.  








I then produced a full scale dummy version of the

book, with line drawings showing me how it would

look and feel for the reader to hold and turn the

pages, this also gave me the opportunity to make

any changes as you can see in this image, is the

original ideas without Louise-blue-eyes and the

other shows drawing with him in.

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