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Find the Secret Message

In each book in this trilogy there are unintentional hidden words that you must find in order to complete the secret message. Although you will be able to make lots of words you only need 2 from the first book 1 from the second and 2 from the third ans a collection of letters from all three books help to make the last 4 words.


How do i start?

1. On a piece of paper jot down all of the letters that start each new page, including the bold ones, Making sure that you use each letter on each page only once. Make as many words as you can, any letters left over jot down and save them, then repeat this when the second and third books have been released.


2.To help you find the same words as I found, some clues will be posted on my books website, as and when the come out.




A prize will be given for the first 5 names randomly selected with the nearest message to mine.