Terry McManus

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I was born 17.12.1963 and have always been very passionate about art,

especially wildlife art and art connected with film and children's book

illustrations being massively influenced by artist, writers and musicians

such as John Haywood an artist and dear friend (sadly very much missed)

Raymond Briggs, Jane Hissey, JK Rowling and Kate Bush.


Over the years my work has been chosen several times by fine art

publishers to be used for limited and open run fine art prints.


During my time at Jaguar Cars Ltd 1983-2004 I was sponsored by them to

go to Belize and study and paint wildlife and in particular Jaguar cats to

be printed in a limited edition run of prints to raise funds for The World

Land Trust. The finished print was used much to my surprise by the BBC

in the 2005 television drama 'Gideon's Daughter' directed by Stephen

Poliakoff, staring a cast of qualify actors including Bill Nighy, Miranda

Richardson and Tom Hardy.



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